giovedì 18 febbraio 2016

Elliot Murphy - Sicily 007

I met Elliot back in 2006 the first time I went to Oregon for a year; the next year I came back home and he came visit for 10 days during Christmas time.
Back then most of us didn't even have their driving license yet but since the hype was big, I rember we would just steel a random car from my friend Gionni's dad rental car biz and just go off all day!
I guess  Gionni already knew how to drive so we didn't have many problems except the fact we were all illegal but we stil speaking about sicily so yep, no problemo! Big fun for sure!
Elliot is rad dude and one of those guys who loves it that much that could just be out skating 24/7 no stop, always with the hype to skate, film or whatever! He is so good at skating as he is at filming and that's sick! If he is trying to film a trick, he is not gonna stop till he does it, and does it how he wants it, if he is filming he will keep pushing you till you, really, either get that trick or just die! ahah
He is the HYPER type of dude in any occasions, and that's why I love him and miss him a lot!!
Back then he would jump down anything, like a beast and just murder everyspot!
This footage was filmed in about 10 days, here and there, with a few days of rain and all the other problems you can imagine, but still, Elliot just destroyed it that time!! The last three tricks were done under the rain pretty much, gnarly!
Out of this trip, Elliot made an edit with his tricks and mine, but for some reasons youtube took it out many and many years ago; a few months ago lurking on my hard drive I found all this footage and watching it again after lot of time it still shocked me to decide it needed to be online!
Unfortunately a few years after he really fucked up his ankle down wallenberg and that took him 1, 2 years before geting back; I know he had to put so much work into it but I knew he wouldn't give up at all and now he is fully on, living in LA, doing his thing, pushing his brand called Lacorda ( and killing it as usual! Yeessss maaaaaannnnnnn can't wait to link up sooon again!

lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Efrem Sapienza - ComeHomeForChristmas!

Efrem and I know each other for a while now!
 He is a skater and a great drinker/natural smoker from Catania who has been skating for a few good years now but always kind of stayed in the shade! always been a short guy so maybe that's why :P Jk my friend!
Three years ago he moved out of sicily to go to Turin, north italy, to study architecture over there. From what I have seen around he got super down with the guys from the scene there and has been pushing a lot these past years! They have got this nice and rough street plaza but for sure is increasing the level a lot! and Efrem is the total proove!
He came back for christmas time and we made this little clip filmed the week before I got my surgery! we were meeting up every morning at the park with the possibility that I could get the phone-call from the hospital and that's pretty much what happened from one day to another! lucky enough we already had good stuff for an edit! I love the light we had those days! good skating efrenzito and good you came back for christmas! ;) Cheeeers!

lunedì 21 dicembre 2015

JailCourt - RawFiles #01

Here we are with the first clip of the JailCourt, our new diy spot, right in front of the main active prison here in Catania! Thanks to everyone who made this place became real!
merry Christmas and happy new year ;)

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

Luca Gozzo Old Lines

This clip is a bit old by now, we filmed all these lines around 1 year ago!
That day we went to the famous plaza in syracuse to skate those ledges and luca was going for it!
I remember there wasn't much daylight left, but I really wanted to film a bunch of lines with him;
not too long after I pulled my camera out light was over but check what Luca managed to bring home! Goood sesh man!

mercoledì 31 dicembre 2014

Nesto Vx Old Mix

2015 is behind the door and we like to bring some good old memories back!
Ernesto Carta aka Nesto shredding the park and some street spots with this footage from 6 years ago.
I don't really know why but this footage never came out before, it's been in my hard-drive forever and I guess it was time to release it!
Nesto has been a friend since my first memories of going out of my village to go skate the main city, where he is from. At first I remember him rollerblading and would be the guy trying the gnarliest and longest gaps ever but it didn't take that long for him to figure out what he needed under his feet! nesto skates rough and loves to go fast! Good one mate, get ready for tonight now! aha ;)

BEST 5                                                                                                      

SkateVideos: Planet Heart - Silver /             
Flip - Sorry / Zero - Strange World / 
AlienWorkShop - MindField / Girl - Yeah Right

Porn Stars: Lisa Ann / Franceska James / 
Gina Lynn / Monica Santiago / 
Holly Halston

Bands: GangStarr (Guru + Premiere) / 
Pharcyde / Jack White / Graveyard / Witch 

Cars/Bikes: Ford Mustang 65 / 
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 65 / 
Lancia Delta HF integrale / 
KTM(anysupermoto) / PiaggioVespa                                                                 

Food: Arancini / Pasta aglio olio peperoncino / 
Beer / Bushmills(whisky) / Black Russian

Final Thought: 
Fuck you if you hate me, I'll be your best friend if you deserve it.

I have always loved this frame from the clip!


Happy new year! Go wild tonight and see you in 2015


martedì 16 dicembre 2014

This is Luca Gozzo!

Babbasuni is back with some footage of Luca Gozzo!
Luca is a new kid from Syracuse, just turned 17 and is down to smash it!
let's do it gooonz ;)

 here the clip, new footage coming soon!


giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Dragon session!

super fun session with some friends at the famous dragon next to sants! here a few funny lines with the international gabeeb gabriel engelke! crazy how he tweaks his feet on every trick he does! too much energy inside this guy! and I know who is going to give me my next haircut! yeah gab!